Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Trip Highlights

First stop was to Crater Lake. Gorgeous! And fun to play in a little snow in June!

"MOM! It peed on me!!! A LOT!!!!" (Nebraska toad. I guess he didn't want to come with us.)

"Mom, this is so cool! It's all squishy!" We drove a couple miles outside Walnut Grove, MN, to the farmland where the dugout once stood "On the Banks of Plum Creek." It was a fun experience...we just drove up the driveway of a farmhouse, put $4 in a drop box (honor system) and drove back to Plum Creek. Then we got to walk in the creek. The creek itself was warm, shallow and beautiful. But my 13yo DD was most intrigued by the mud along the banks.

The day we visited the Badlands, it was about 105 degrees. They don't call it the Badlands for nuthin'!

Mt. Rushmore. Pretty much speaks for itself, dontcha think? The biggest observation we had was that it was smaller (at least from our observation point) than we woulda guessed.

We saw many, many buffalo at Yellowstone. You'd think the poor guys would get sick of having their pictures taken. More flashbulbs going off around the buffalo at Yellowstone than there are around Paris Hilton.


Sherri said...

I've always wanted to visit Crater Lake. It looks heavenly!

KMDuff said...

Looks like an awesome summer trip! Crater Lake is beautiful!

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