Saturday, February 13, 2010

Plastic cups, BPA, and kids

A couple years ago I decided to eliminate most of the plastic storage containers in my kitchen. I bought class bins for flour, sugar, dry beans, pasta, etc. With all the new information on BPA, this week I finally took all the plastic cups--especially for kids--out of the kitchen. I started using something else for the kids months ago. Thought you might be amused to hear what...

My kids drink out of glass jelly jars. Half-pints for the half-pints. :) They are just the right size for little hands, they don't break easily, and they are heavy enough to not tip over. Love them for everything but outdoors and car trips. I have a few plastic cups saved in the pantry for outdoor use (minimal) and today I bought a couple of BPA-free tippy cups. While my youngest two are getting older, I still like to have something for use in the car and in carpeted rooms.

My youngest also still needs cuddle/bottle time for attachment purposes, so I bought some glass bottles today. I think it's hilarious. Decades ago people got rid of glass bottles because they weren't safe, replacing them with plastic. Now we get rid of the plastic and replace them with glass. Too funny. I did have an option for BPA-free plastic bottles, but I like the durability of the glass, along with the fact that it washes so well in the dishwasher. Plus, who knows what they've next discover is wrong with the plastic???

Still can't figure out what to do about freezer containers. I read one article that said that the older the plastic, the less BPA leaching. The freezer boxes I use once belonged to my grandma and are old, old, old. Wonder if I have a better chance using those than trying something new? I do use some glass jars--quart and pint--for freezer storage, but I don't like to use them exclusively. They're heavy, hard to thaw from if I'm in a hurry, and can break in the freezer.

So what are you doing about food/beverage containers and BPA?


Serious Moms said...

Hey Cynthia! My kids drink out of glass jelly jars, too!! I still keep a few plastic cups, mainly for when other kids come over. Ruby has a couple of bpa-free plastic sippy cups that she doesn't need anymore (she's perfectly capable of using the glass jars now! Yay!). I wanted to get a stainless steel sippy instead (well--to replace the one that she ruined--she chewed the rubbery spout), but it was like $17 for 1...or $4.50 for 2....and at that moment I just couldn't do it. ;) But now she's all grown up (2 ;) and can use glass like her brothers. I used the glass bottles for her, too! Awesome!!

For freezer storage, I use quart sized jars, and also, at the after Thanksgiving sales, I bought a bunch of the Pyrex glass containers with plastic lids. They're oven-safe, too. So I figure we're safe if the food doesn't go all the way to the top (touching the lid). They're super nice for fridge storage, too--there are different sizes...I put homemade mayo in one, butter in another, salad dressing in another, etc...They're nice! There's a set at Costco with red lids that I love (but I don't really need those particular sizes), and my friend Celina has some Martha Stewart ones (from K-mart) with a nice color green lids (mine are navy blue). So if you care about color, there are some options! :)

Kathryn said...

Hi, I use glass. Same reason as you. I always have liked the canning jars and just use them. Use glass cups for the kids.

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