Sunday, May 6, 2012

Building the Foundation for the Future

I'm thinking about bringing this blog back to life for a special little audience. If I sound preachy, I don't mean to. I've just been thinking of you all a lot. Praying for you. And wanting the best for you and your special little people. Don't read on if you can't stand mush. Cause I might get really mushy.

In addition to my special audience, I also think it might be worthwhile to jot down some thoughts on parenting for some other special people in my children. Parenting has been one of the greatest joys in my life. I hope that if you decide to parent, it can be one of the greatest joys in your lives, too.

A couple days ago, my 16yo son was converting some old family videotapes to DVD. I watched him and his now 17yo sister at the ages of 18 months and 3. I felt this overwhelming flood of love. MY BABIES!

The time you have with your babies is so, so short. And everything that you do during this short time builds the foundation for the relationship you'll have with these PEOPLE* for the rest of your lives. (For isn't that what small children are? Just small people.)

To small children, parents are the most important thing in the world. Children see everything in terms of their parents. The world is safe or not safe. People are kind or not kind. They feel loved or they do not feel loved. I don't say this to put pressure on parents of young children but to recognize what a magnificent and special opportunity parents have. The relationship a parent has with a child at 1, or 3, or 5, BECOMES the relationship that the parent has with the child at 13, at 16, and at 21. Make the most of that valuable "foundation-building" time. It's short. So it's even more precious.

Hold onto your babies while they're still babies to hold onto. They won't be little for long.

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Davericka said...

This is where I first became acquainted with your blogging - glad you've brought it back to life! Look forward to reading more...

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