Thursday, February 21, 2008

'LilDude's Big Heart

Just read to 'LilDude (5) before bed. We read Everybody Cooks Rice for the first time. It led to a fascinating discussion.

During the book he asked where Vietnam was. I told him it was close to Korea, where he was born. Then, on a later page, I pointed out that China was attached to North Korea. He made the comment that his birth family could visit China. I explained that people from South Korea aren't really able to travel through North Korea to go to China. When he asked why, I explained in VERY simple terms that the leader in North Korea doesn't allow it.

He started asking questions about how much money people in Korea have. This has come up in several past discussions. I told him that South Koreans don't live a lot differently than how we live (this is in 5yo terms, mind you!), but that things were different in North Korea...that some people there don't have a lot of food. I then told him that there are ways that we can give to children in North Korea. Immediately he brightened and said, "Remember my red bag with the change in it? I can give some of that to them!" He was very excited about the prospect. I also told him we could pray for the leader and the people of North Korea. He grinned ear to ear and reminded me when the book was over that he wanted to pray for the leader from "the other Korea."

'LilDude has a BIG HEART! I'm so proud of my boy!

P.S. When we finished the book he said that he wants to "cook all the recipes from the book" together!

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