Wednesday, November 18, 2009

China...Getting New Information on Child's Past


Check, check and double check to see if your child from China has more information available from early life.

We were NOT told that any further information was available. We were NOT told that a an outside sponsor made his foster care possible. But I just received 154 new photos and 6 pages of written information about his early life.


I'm on a forum for his SWI. (Orphanage.) On the group one woman was offering to check to see if kids were sponsored by Grace and Hope in foster care. I was previously told that our agency and the government paid for his foster care, so for months and months I ignored her offer. Then, one day, I ignored what I "knew" and asked.

He WAS sponsored by Grace and Hope**. And for a small donation they sent me a CD FILLED WITH INFORMATION ON HIS EARLY LIFE.

I cannot believe that we came so close to not having this photo and 153 others like it. If your child was fostered and there is even a smidgen of a chance that some outside agency fostered him/her, CHECK!!!!!

**Many, many organizations are working in China to sponsor children in foster care. You'll have to check to see what groups are working in the area where your child is from.


Yoli said...

This is a gift beyond compare. We had the same luck with our first child who was sponsored through China Care.

Cathleen said...

Wow, Baby Sweetie pictures! I think the second one looks remarkably like him -- much more than the top one (but maybe that's because I haven't seen many Sweetie scowls). It's way too cool that you made this connection.

Anonymous said...

Look at that beautiful face. I am so happy for you- way to trust your gut!


Chinamama4 said...

What an amazing gift! Thanks for passing on the information.

Brenda said...

Oh he is so cute! What a blessing to get these pics & this info!

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