Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Been so, so busy! I'll try to get back to writing soon... I especially want to look over our grocery budget from Nov. but I haven't had time to enter everything yet.

In the meantime, happy to report that the kids' Lego Robotics team took first place in the local competition on Saturday. To say the least, we were shocked! It's not been an easy lego year. The night before the competition I think we were all seriously wondering if we should even go to the competition. Perseverance paid off.

This week I'm working, working, working! Praise and thanksgiving that Anakin and I were saved from the car crash that happened inches in front of us on the way home from my job yesterday. It was terrifying to watch. Though shaken, we escaped with nothing more than bad memories. Thankfully, it didn't appear that anyone was hurt although it certainly had all the makings of an injury crash. Anakin nodded when I explained to him that THIS IS THE REASON THAT YOUR 12 YEAR OLD BODY IS NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE IN THE FRONT SEAT. I don't think that argument will come up again anytime soon.

Hopefully will have time to post after this busy week is over.

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