Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Birds (Chickens) and the Bees...

Well they had to learn sometime...

Today Anakin and 'LilDude were playing out in the 50+ degree sunshine. (Gorgeous, btw!) 'LilDude observed the rooster "attacking" one of the hens. Jumpin' on her and bitin' her and everything!!!! So he went to "save" the hen.

The rooster went on a slight rampage after 'LilDude. Anakin rescued him. They both ran breathlessly up to the house, "Mom! Come here! Quick!" to tell me about the attack rooster. I explained that when a rooster is interrupted in the process of making baby chickens that he probably isn't very happy and, yes indeedy, he will probably chase you. It was an eye opening moment for all.

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