Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 45, Adoption Welcome Book (93...Free!)

A week or so ago, Snapfish had a coupon offer to get a free 8 x 11" photo book for the price of shipping. The book is regularly $29.99 and shipping is $6.99. I decided to try it.

I made a book to welcome our new family member. The book basically shows "a day in the life of" our family. We plan to take it along and spend time looking at it with him while we're still in China...using it to acquaint him with our home, family, routine, etc... Feel free to use the concept to make your own book to welcome a child into your family. Here's the text I used with notes on the photos I used.

1. It's morning! (shows house photo)
2. Time to wake up! (each family member waking up in bed)
3. Mommy cooks eggs. We eat breakfast. (photos of each action)
4. We feed the chickens. Gather the eggs.(related photos)
5. We feed Sara (dog) and the cats.(related photos)
6. We get ready for the day (photos of brushing hair, shaving, etc...)
7. We go to work and school (school bus, car)
8. At home we work and play. (related photos)
9. Sometimes we play inside. Then we go outside. (outdoor/indoor photos)
10. We play. We work in the garden. (related photos)
11. Grandpa and Grandma visit. We go to Nana and Poppa's. (photos of them)
12. On Sunday we go to church and see our friends. (church, friend photos)
13. We like to go on trips. It's fun to ride in the motorhome. (related photos)
14. We go camping.(related photos)
15. We go to the mountains and the beach.(related photos)
16. But it's nice to come home. (interior home shots)
17. It's fun to swim. And play ball.(related photos)
18. (photos of all siblings)
19. We love you, _________! (family photo)
20. Welcome to the family! (photo of child)

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Gayle said...

Such a wonderful, wonderful idea! I hope to be able to "steal" this idea if we can bring another little guy home!

Gayle+Mark Holt BB

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