Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Putting the Suitcase Down

All political partisanship aside, the results last night made me tear up several times. To see the excitement amongst the crowds. To hear McCain's gracious concession. To hear Obama speak of hope. To see tears in the eyes of Civil Rights leaders...people who risked their lives for their beliefs. It was a beautiful thing.

As I write, I'm listening to The View. I was curious to see how the opposing sides would comment. I listened to Elizabeth Hasselbeck (who campaigned for McCain) passionately say that this is a victory for America. She alone made me tear up.

But then I heard Whoopi Goldberg say something that made me cry for multiple reasons...
"I always thought of myself as American, but last night I felt like I could put my suitcase down finally. ...People have always said that anybody can be President. ...[But] this is a moment when you realize that you have become the fabric of America."
I rejoice for her. But I am sad for my boys. I am sad that I cannot say to them, "You can be ANYTHING you want to be." I cannot say, "YOU can grow up and be President." Because they can't. 'LilDude, born in another country, a country he lived in for less than six months, is not eligible. How do you ever look a child in the eye and say that? When will the day come that he can "put his suitcase down?"

Feeling teary for his loss and for others' newfound gain.

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Gayle+Mark said...

I hadn't heard Whoopi's comments. Wow!!! Made me tear up!!!

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