Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dog Days

I've never considered myself a dog person. Although we had a dog growing up, he was outdoors and I was thought to be allergic, so I never spent much time with him.

Four kids later...

I think Lizzi started asking for a dog about as soon as she could talk. Almost two years ago we finally relented. We found ourselves in the same boat that Obama mentions...although we would have just as soon picked a mutt from the pound, allergies forced us to look at more $$$ dogs. We finally selected a mini labradoodle. For the longest time, I tried to keep her relegated to only certain areas of the house. To me, dogs were still outdoor creatures and not something that just wanders the house.

Well, Sara the dog proves that even I can change.

Sara has gradually taken over the house. I regularly trip over her while making dinner. But I never have to pick any food off the floor. We vacuum more often. But I always have a soft doggie to warm up my legs while I sit on the couch. And...I love this...when one of the kids is sick, Sara is quick to find them and snuggle in while they rest. Tonight, 'LilDude came down with a fever of 102. (Likely thanks to a visit to the pediatrician on Monday for a flu mist. After consulting with a few people, I'm guessing that it's more likely from the germs he picked up on the visit than it is from the actual vaccination.) I just put him to bed with Sara snuggled in to keep him company. Even when 'LilDude isn't sick, she often likes to go to bed with him, if only for a little while. He appreciates not having to go to bed alone.

We love you, Sara!

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