Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Music!

In college, my roommate and I used to get in trouble with our dormmates for starting to play Christmas music too early. Today I had a lot of sit time and thought it'd be fun to hear a little Christmas music while I worked. I was astounded to find that there are a LOT of stations to choose from.

Enjoy! (or ignore me if the idea of X-mas music this early repulses you!) ;)


Anonymous said...

Is is a crime to listen to Christmas music early? What is early? Was it still OK to listen to gangsta rap in the dorms?

When you get the time, please check out my blg.
I have some very interesting Christmas Music.

Thanks a trillion,

richmomma said...

>Was it still OK to listen to gangsta rap in the dorms?

LOL. Probably not. It was a Christian college...other students just objected to Christmas music in, say, October. ;)

Love your music. I have a son that loves guitar...we both enjoyed listening! ;) Thanks much.

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