Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 36, Snacks at School (93...Free!)

We don't eat a lot of in-between meal snacks. It's just not a habit we've ever started. During our homeschooling years we ate breakfast, lunch, dinner. No snacks. Now, with two kids in public school, it's a little different. Especially in kindergarten.

Kindergarteners are expected to take a snack each day. Thankfully, they are not allowed to bring drinks and are instead encouraged to use the water fountain. If drinks were required, I would invest in a BPA free water bottle and send it with water each day.

As far as snacks go, we've been able to send a healthy, gf/cf variety and not break the budget with pre-packaged foods. This year I've sent sliced apples, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, bananas, dried fruit or nuts, pretzels, crackers, cereal, muffins, popcorn...none in snack packaging. Popcorn leftover from Sunday night snack time is one of the favorites. I usually put the snack in a small tupperware container (I have one with a turn lid) and it's always made it home.

What do you do for school snacks?

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