Thursday, August 27, 2009

Congratulations, Anakin!

Anakin entered a writing contest and just learned that he won a $500 travel voucher. I am proud of him for persevering. He wrote one essay that was not of winning quality. So he wrote and wrote and rewrote. (Definitely not his idea of a summer vacation!) But his efforts paid off.

Lizzi and I entered the same contest and also rewrote and rewrote. We didn't win. Better luck to us next time. :)

Wonder where Anakin will go with his travel voucher???


Sherri said...


Cathleen said...

You must be so proud! I am!

Sue said...

Congratulations! I must be more curious than most! What was the essay on?

My 11 yo joined the Library Summer Club and wrote book reports this summer, drew pictures and wrote 1 story. She also did math whizz ( and NR. We did break for "fun", too but phew....what a workout.

richmomma said...

It was on flight. No wonder I lost. ;)

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