Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mandarin DVDs for Kids

GG is becoming trilingual. First language, Cantonese. Second language, Mandarin. Third language, English. Access to Cantonese is limited, but we've been trying out a lot of Mandarin CDs/DVDs in an effort to keep that language.

We recently discovered the "Mei Mei Play & Learn Series." In the large series of DVDs, including such titles as "Dance and Learn Chinese", "Mei Mei" (a middle aged woman) uses both English and Mandarin as children sing/dance and speak in both languages. The videos are obviously filmed in China, which is a bonus. We just watched "Let's Go to School with Mei Mei" and were amazed to watch a China school day like the one we experienced in China.

GG loves these DVDs...the singing, dancing, Mandarin...and footage of China.

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