Sunday, January 18, 2009


'LilDude got to write a book for school. The title? "I Love My Family." He wrote...

I love my mom.
I love my dog.
I love my chickins.
I love my cats.

Then, on the back, after it said, "The end," he added, "I hate my rooster."

My sentiments exactly.

I love the way the rooster looks. I like to watch him strutting around. I even like listening to him crow. But the day he starts regularly chasing 'LilDude...then attacking him, making 'LilDude not want to go outside...then attacking Anakin...then attacking much so that I didn't feel like I could collect eggs without taking along a BIG STICK...well, that's the day that the rooster meets "The End!"

I gave him back to the neighbor who brought him over as a chick. She said he'd quickly learn that he isn't king of the coop at their house...with lots of other roosters. She hasn't decided whether he's going to hit the soup pot or not. I miss him. But I'm mostly glad that 'LilDude played outside this afternoon without hesitation.

P.S. We do love the chickens. We've had a couple of SEVEN egg days (from 7 hens) recently.

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