Friday, January 2, 2009

Junk Food is Expensive!

Like you didn't know!

Just calculated our food budget for December. Ouch. We buy "special" junk to eat during Christmas/New Years. You know...goodies, sparkling cider, chips, dips, meat/cheese/crackers. All the stuff that tastes good but is horrible horribly expensive for you.

Anyway, the budget wasn't so hot...

Groceries (just food...including JUNK that we normally don't buy):

(this also included food for a couple Xmas parties, but let's face was our taste buds walking down the supermarket aisles!!!)

add $43/month (we buy chicken/beef once a year, so adding a monthly amount)

Total for December food at home: $428

(this is in stark comparison's to November's budget of $295)

Eating out total, December: $41

At least we did better in the eating out department. With all the junk at home, we didn't need to go out and find more! ;)

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