Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Laura Ingalls Wilder & Adoption


'LilDude and I have been reading through the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Lovin' 'em. So we're currently on our sixth, Little Town on the Prairie. Imagine my surprise when this pops out of the text:

Ida was as warm and friendly as she looked. "I'm only an adopted child," she said. "Mother Brown took me out of a Home, but she must have liked me to do that, don't you think so?" [p. 133]

and again...

Ida could not go. She said cheerfully, "I ought not to waste time. Because I'm an adopted child, you see, I have to hurry home to help with the housework as much as I can. [p. 193]




P.S. In answer to "what did you say?"...I took the chicken way out and mostly edited them as I read. I think I left the "only" out of the first one and totally edited the reference to "adoption" out of the second one. He usually follows along while I'm reading, but wasn't in that moment. I was personally shocked into speechlessness. That doesn't happen often!


Jennifer said...

Yeah. That's when I'm actually glad I have a nonreader. I edited my way through those books when I read them to Ryan. I was surprised at what I found there 25 years after my first reading.

sarah park said...

Yikes. I need to reread that one.

richmomma said...

Uh, there's more. This time not adoption but a description of how Pa and some other town men dress in "black face" to entertain everyone at the "Literary Society." It's all put in positive terms. So we had more discussion material today.

Sarah Park...I just checked out your website. Love it. ;)

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