Monday, December 28, 2009


"This mine?" is a phrase I hear a lot lately. GG sits on the slide. "This mine?" He points to the wading pool, in storage for the winter. "This mine?" He looks at the kiddie riding cars. "This mine?"

"Yes, they are yours."

He nods and grins.

This is worthy of an entire sermon, but here's the summary... It has taken GG seven months to begin to comprehend all the privileges of ownership that come with adoption. He is one of us. He belongs. What is ours is his.

How different is it when we join God's family? The difference? For most of us, it takes a lifetime to comprehend. 

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Cathleen said...

I really like this story. It's timely for me because this Advent I've had a song going through my head about God being "one of us" and thinking about what that says about God's love. The "one of us" goes both ways -- human to God's family, God to the human family.

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