Friday, December 4, 2009

New Uses for Train Table

I've sometimes regretted buying a train table. It takes a lot of space. Becomes a collection space. Gets dusty. And monotonous.

We bought ours when LilDude broke his arm when he was three. His cast made it hard to play on the floor, so a raised toy surface was ideal. But since then, it's only seen scattered use.

In the midst of "New Year, No Stuff" (which has largely turned into an organization project) I came up with a plan. I want to rotate toys in our play/school area. So each week, I'm clearing the table and bringing in something different...something that both the younger boys can play with together.

This week I got out Playmobile, Noah's Ark and the barn. Despite the fact that these toys have been accessible for, say, THE LAST FIVE YEARS or so, they were played with more in the past five days than they've been played with since we bought them. I love the fact that the table "contains" the play. No one has to pick up the floor. And, since the focus changes each week, I hope to prevent it from becoming a dumping ground.

I've been thinking about what to rotate. I'd love suggestions. Here's what I've got so far:
  • Legos
  • Playmobile
  • blocks with plastic animals (to make a zoo)
  • Fisher Price Little People sets (the "old" kind...which means I'm old???)
  • dinosaurs (thought we'd get out the dinosaur books and tapes that week)
  • trains! (LOL)
  • cars w/ a plastic mat showing roads
  • Lincoln Logs
  • puzzles/games/math manipulatives
That's two months worth.  Sheesh. And I'm buying stuff for Christmas???

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Sherri said...

When you get through the list, start back at the top. It'll be fresh after two months.

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