Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grace in Action

Friday night, the kids and I ate a "normal" meal while Dh worked outside. A bit later, we popped a pizza into the oven for a graduation/end of school celebration (not to mention "dinner!" for Dh.) All sat at the table.

GG made a sound. We looked at him.

He gazed around the table at each of us and put his hands together. The message was clear...we forgot to pray for our dinner. We all made a big production of thanking him. He proudly revealed a little smirky smile, excited that he'd brought us all back to how meals are supposed to start.



* "The unmerited love and favor of God toward man."

* "A short prayer in which blessing is asked, or thanks are given, for a meal."

We definitely experienced BOTH.

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Ansley said...

So Sweet! AJ prays before sleep now. He still isn't really talking, but he gurgles and babbles alot. I'm sure Jesus knows what he's saying!

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