Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Things are going well. Yesterday I think GG only cried upon waking (before he got to me) and on waking after nap. And maybe when he was mad at LilDude...but his "mad" is so wimpy compared to the mad we've seen around here before that it's humorous. Last night he actually giggled with me when we went to bed. That's definitely a first as bedtime seems to often be a time of more intense grief.

Yesterday GG gave me a kiss on his own. He is also very huggy, loving, and wanting to be least an appropriate amount for a busy 3-year-old. I spent most of the morning on the floor playing with him. We probably took an hour going through a box of "junk toys" (McD*nalds, garage sale freebies, etc.) By the end, he was wearing several treasures, primarily fascinated by one of those bracelets that you stiffen into a straight piece of plastic and then snap into a circle around your wrist. He's probably seen one before as he knew what to do with it before I ever showed him. He spent the rest of the day--and night--wearing it.

I made congee. Turned out okay but not as flavorful as the stuff Doris made. He didn't inhale it, but he ate it. He is definitely interested in sampling our dinners; he won't eat most things, but the things that he will eat are very exciting to him. Karlene brought over a container of canned Coolwhip. He thinks it's great fun to get a squirt on a piece of cake, though he still won't touch the strawberries.

BigSis played with him while I took a shower and made congee. He initiated a game of peekaboo with her. We're still having a tough time with the dog, Sarah. He is too rough with her, often looking like it's on purpose. She nipped at him yesterday and I thought he seemed to back off for a while.

We looked at foster family photos again. This time he seemed the least emotional that I've seen him. He didn't cry, only looked a little sad, but again was genuinely delighted to look.

Daddy continues to be a hit, playing with the boys outside for an hour in the evening. GG loves watching the videos of Daddy goofing with him. That's certainly been helpful in the bonding department where Daddy is concerned.

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