Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Potty Problem

This might be TMI, so consider stopping here ****************

I do have one problem. Potty problem.

GG is completely potty trained. But I think we're having a problem that's due to the major difference between U.S. and Chinese toilets.

In China, one uses a "squatty potty." This is particularly easy for the under-5 set who often wear split pants and can easily just walk onto the squatty potty, relieve themselves, and go on their merry way.

But it's not so merry when they get home and their stupid new parents actually have to disassemble underwear (totally new concept!) and pants BEFORE depositing them on the "throne." A toddler used to squatty potties and split pants *might* just figure that the moment the pants are half-way down that it's an "all clear" signal to let nature take its course.


Any advice???


Sue said...

There are probably many reasons why this is a bad idea, but ....
what about no underwear and loose stretchy pants that are pulled down in 2 seconds.

Teddi said...

How about having Lil Dude be the role-model? You could take GG in when LD is going and make a big production of what a good, big boy LD is.

richmomma said...

Sue--I can get the entire pants down in a sec, but the second the bare bottom hits the air, it's anything goes.

I tried a new tactic--hanging him halfway upside down (curled up in my arms) while I whip his pants down (really up!), then as he comes down to the ground, he's immediately placed on the potty. So far, that's worked.

I'll have to use the model idea.

Sue said...

Does he understand the word, "wait"?

If yes, I'd have LD model and say, "pull", "wait", "go".

If not, I'd teach wait in some play situation (alternating between wait and go) and then have LD model using the words.

And, if all else fails, keep making it up as you go. It sounds like everyone is doing great at figuring this all out.

richmomma said...

Sue...great minds think alike. That's seriously the first thing we tried. I'd say, "Wait, wait, wait" while I pulled his pants down in one fell swoop and then when he was seated, I'd say "potty." He'd pee on the 2nd or 3rd "wait."

But you're right, we need to work on the concept at other times. I've been saying "wait" during playtimes when he's getting mad at LilDude but we probably need to practice when the stakes aren't so high.

Thanks for helping. It's nice to know someone cares about what seem like major problems in my life! ;)

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