Monday, June 1, 2009

Smart Daddy

Daddy is so smart.

Although Dh did take GG from me (unhappily), it wasn't long before GG was giggling with Daddy on the play structure. As usual, GG has fun with Dh eventually, but doesn't want to go with him initially. I captured the moment on video.

Later, when GG saw the video, he laughed and laughed. Then he ran off from the office, Dh following. He wanted Dh to take him outside. So I guess I need to catch all the happy moments with Dh on video and show him so he'll want to repeat them?!?! We also decided on another tactic...have the other kids play with Dh, looking like they're having a marvelous time so that GG will want to join in.

Later, Dh took GG on the John Deere. After they came inside from this tractor ride, GG was sitting on my lap and Dh came up to him and made "brrrmmm, brrrmmm" sounds. GG REACHED FOR DADDY! That's a first!!!

Btw, I'm writing this at 3:30am. I think my jetlag is still showing, don't you???? I think I'm also a little (lot?) desperate for some alone time. Right now, "alone" might be more important than "sleep."

Oh, and more "firsts." GG did not eat cold things in China as far as we know. And, to date, he's only had orange juice and a few small chunks of dilled beans. But he was watching LilDude eat some cantaloupe and wanted some too. He happily ate several small slices and asked for more. He also tried one bite of Popa's famous cookies, but didn't want any more. So perhaps the sugar diet from China won't transfer here? He did eat some of our traditional Sunday night popcorn. But his favorite food continues to be congee. Tonight he had seconds on that.

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