Wednesday, July 29, 2009

China Foster Family Skype #3

Several days ago I asked GG if he wanted to talk with NaiNai and Ayi on the computer. He vehemently nodded, ready to talk right that second. We arranged a session for tonight.

We could see NaiNai, Ayi, and the foster baby clearly. He looked at them and listened when they talked to him, responding only in brief spurts himself. At one point Ayi sang "Two Leopards" to him (same tune as "Are You Sleeping"...wish I'd recorded it!) and he very quietly sang a small part. He more enthusiastically sang the ABCs, "It's Raining, It's Pouring," and recited "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" which resulted in applause from both sides of the Pacific. At one point he held up a photo of all our kids. They said that he looked very handsome with all his brothers and sisters. Mostly he just sat quietly and played with the computer keys.

I was able to ask them several questions. Did he ever have bumps on his legs in China? (No...something I'm trying to figure out.) Did he ever go swimming in China? (No. But he liked cool showers.)

They asked me questions. Has he been to school? (No, but we do a lot of reading at home. We also go to the library.) Did he already eat tonight? (Yes. He finished his dinner so he could have Doritos.) What is he playing with? (A whistle. He showed them.) Has he forgotten Chinese (since he was so quiet)? (No. We're listening to lots of DVDs/CDs in Chinese and he seems to understand them.) Is taking Chinese classes? (No. None around here.)

They also told him that his niece/friend misses him and wishes he'd come back. That made him uncomfortable, but other than that he seemed okay with the conversation, despite saying little. Both NaiNai and Ayi had big grins on their faces the whole time. It was good for him to see them happy.

After 30 minutes he said, "All done," and got up to leave the computer. Thirty minutes is a long sit when you're three.

P.S. NaiNai also told him to get along with his brother. Unsolicited, but very relevant and appreciated! :) I should have lined up all the kids.

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