Tuesday, July 28, 2009

105 Degree Day Activities

What do you do when it's 105 degrees outside?

1. Sweat.

2. Pretend like it's the dead of winter.

3. Sweat.

We're kinda going for option #2. While homeschooling, I always thought it wise to take off the month of May and homeschool on the hottest days of July/August, because we definitely don't want to go outside.

At the moment, my boys are playing with lentils. That's right, LENTILS. We actually have a kit from TOPS, but they aren't doing anything but filling/dumping containers at the moment, so you could do this at your house.

Now the bigger question...what do you make/eat for dinner when it's 105 outside??? Help me!

P.S. One thing for dinner...Crisp Cucumber Salad.

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