Monday, July 20, 2009

So just what is it you DO all day????

Lately I've had this feeling that I work all day and don't really accomplish anything. At the end of the day, the dishes are still piled up at the sink, the laundry is urping into the hallway, and I still can't find my desktop. So it's time for "A Day Two Hours in the Life..."

Roll over and ask dh what time it is. Realize that I'd better get up if I'm going to get everything done that needs to be done before I leave the house this morning.

Prepare two chickens for two crockpots. I was supposed to do this on Saturday, but I forgot. I'm wearing a nightshirt and debate whether anyone will see me if I sneak out on the back porch to snip some celery. Snip away. No phone calls from the neighbors, although it was early, so maybe they thought they were dreaming. (I won't get into the whole nightmare verses fantasy debate, but I will say that the nightshirt is pretty ugly.) Return to the bloody bags of poultry. Decide that raw chicken is even more disgusting at 5:45am than it normally is.

Consider going back to bed but decide everyone is asleep so I might as well catch up on email. Answer a couple. Don't get anywhere close to emptying my inbox.

Am joined by a very sleepy 3yo, GG, who really should have stayed in bed. Rock GG with a bottle of milk. Bonding time. GG soon wants off my lap to hassle the dog. Rescue the dog. Am joined by LilDude. Leave LilDude and GG playing while I...

...Check on Anakin, who apparently got up a while ago. He's been sick a couple days and still has a high fever. Contemplate swine flu. Wonder if there is time in the day to take him to the doctor. Hear screaming coming from downstairs.

Find GG in a puddle of tears with LilDude looking suspiciously guilty nearby. Ask what's wrong. LilDude: "I told him not to go upstairs." (Where I was.) Ask: "Are you the Momma?" Try to mend the broken heart.

After hearing "I want to get dressed!" a few dozen times in Chinese (which sounds like "Wo yow Chinese food!" to my untrained ears), I finally take both little boys to get dressed. Go through at least 3 outfits to find something GG agrees to wear. He is a clothes hog. Somewhere in all this, I get dressed; unlike GG, I think I picked up the first clean thing I could find on the floor. That part is definitely hazy, but it must have happened because no one asked me later in the day where I got such an ugly nightshirt.

Started fast food central. GG has gotten very picky. And he's lost a little weight since he's been here. So I toss together some rice, Campbell's chicken broth, green beans, and Thai peanut sauce. He eats it all. Plus toast. LilDude gets toast, leftover scrambled eggs, and blueberries. Sick Anakin gets cereal, grapes and blueberries. And a refill pitcher of water. Somewhere in all this I eat breakfast too. I think.

The boys tell me that Lizzi went out to pick green beans. Bless her heart. I go out to talk about the day's schedule. On the way in, I stop to check the eggs. Blasted chickens! Ate yet another egg...and this one, the first of the day. Scheme about how to get them.

Take pecked egg and fill it with dh's red pepper sauce. Return egg to chicken mansion. Hope that they are stupid enough to eat it. Hope that they'll learn a lesson. Contemplate whether chickens are teachable.

All that by 7:45...

And you may note that I am posting this six days after I started writing it. And I never finished it.

Why, do you ask????

Cause I've been sitting around eating fudgesicles and listening to Oprah all week.


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