Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hey, this is Anakin and I have a special announcement!!! We have CHICKS!!! We got six little chi- hold on ‘Lil dude just called me to tell me that the chicks are running a rampage through the house…… Ok I’m back, as I was saying we got six little chicks from the local farm store. I bet my sister, Lizzi, wishes she was homeschooled right now so she could stay home and hold the cute little chicks. The chicks are doing a great job of walking in the poop and pee and not avoiding it. My mother is doing a horrible good job turning these chicks into a science project. Well that’s about it, so long and may the force be with you!


P.S. Instead of buying eggs, we are going to use the chickens to produce eggs. It should take about six months until we get eggs.

Note: My dog is feeling very left out since we are all over with the chicks and she is all alone….


jennifer said...

Awesome! Your mom said last night that actually acquiring these little ones would be quite the managed!!! What fun. Let me know when you're selling eggs :-)

Maurine said...

How do yu know some of the six are not potential ROOSTERS??!!

Maurine said...

Hey, Anakin.
What if your six chicks turn out to be roosters instead of hens?? Will you keep them for alarm clocks?

Sherri said...

We did that when we lived in a townhouse. We incubated the eggs in our kitchen and watched the chicks grow in our living room (in a rubbermaid container, of course). It was a fun, educational experience which brought all of the neighborhood children "flocking" to our house.

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