Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Human Footprint

A friend alerted me to a special by National Geographic...
"Find out in “Human Footprint” what an average American consumes — and discards — in a lifetime, all in one place at one time via a series of dramatic, revealing and informative visual demonstrations."

You can't view the whole show on-line (bummer since I don't have cable), but you can see a short video on the amount of trash we produce and another on the footprint of cars. Here's a related article on trash. Packaging alone counts for 33% of the trash we make. One obvious way to meet this challenge is to buy local and cook with fresh foods. In general, the less a food travels, the less packaging is involved. From garden to table is the shortest, least packaging route!

If anyone knows of a way to view this National Geographic special on-line, let me know. I'd like to watch it...without ordering it and creating more packaging/trash! ;)

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