Monday, April 14, 2008

Eating Local Begins!!! (Kale)

Spring signals a new beginning...and with it comes new eatin'! Today I read about a challenge to enjoy local foods this summer! If you look around, I'm sure you can find similar resources in your area.

Tonight, we enjoyed locally grown chicken, a two-fold enjoyment of aroma and flavor. One child caught a whiff of the crockpot and started asking to eat at 2:30 this afternoon. Sara, our labradoodle, bounded out to the kitchen and started begging long before dinner was on the table. She finally got her share of scraps.

One of the side dishes consisted of this kale recipe which I lay over a bed of thinnings from our spring lettuce crop, still growing slowly but steadily under cold frame. The kale is still producing from the crop the kids planted under cold frame for the LegoRobotics competition last fall. I finally removed the cold frame on that bed because the kale outside seems to be doing better than the plants under glass. I guess it's finally warm enough to sustain early spring crops.

Two of my kiddos asked for seconds of "the green stuff." I'd offer you some, but it's all gone except the photos...

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