Monday, April 7, 2008

Lizzi's Social Life

Part III of Lizzi's school impressions...
By Lizzi, 13

Okay, I’m back! Some of you have asked about my social life, being the new kid in school. So here it is. I think I am very fortunate, because through things like kindergarten, so many years ago, soccer, basketball, LegoRobotics, outdoor school, and various other activities, I have somehow met over half of my 7th grade class. Most of the girls are my very close friends, and even my bus driver remembered me from kindergarten! I can’t say that all of us have hit it off; for instance, there is a girl that has the same birthday as me. In kindergarten, she made sure almost every day that I remembered she was five hours older. Believe me, I remembered! So she and I aren’t close in any way, shape, or form. I think overall, I have fit right in, and so far I haven’t had any of those stereotype “new kid in school,” incidents.

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Jennifer said...

How's the knitting?

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