Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fast, Fresh Food, September Style

One of my goals this summer was to blog about our garden eatins'. Unfortunately, we were so busy eating and harvesting and preserving that I wrote very little. But, for the record, here's lunch:

Eggs cooked with green peppers and zucchini, topped with homemade salsa. Sides of broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and grapes.

Yesterday, I worked to get ready for a class I'll be teaching. Dinner hour snuck up on me. Only Lizzi and 'LilDude were home. I asked if they were hungry. They smiled...a sibling secret. Lizzi replied, "We've been snackin'. In the garden." She went on to talk about how sweet the cherry tomatoes are...and how the grapes aren't like anything you can buy in the store. "The grapes in the stores are crunchy," she said, "not juicy like these are."

'LilDude asked why they don't sell grapes like ours. We talked about how our grapes would never survive the ride from the field to the store shelves. "They'd be squished," I told him. "Just like they were when you brought leftover grapes home from kindergarten snack time." He grinned, remembering his baggie full of "grape juice."

For expanding a kid's eating palette, there's nothing quite like providing them with rows and rows of snack food...on the vine! :)


Alison said...

That looks delicious. I wish the squirrels had left more than one grape on my vine for my family! However, we just harvested pears today, which we are going to enjoy. They will cook up really well.

C and G said...

Will you share your salsa recipe??? I'm on the hunt for a good one and there are sooooo many tomatoes ripe right now!

richmomma said...

I'll try to get the salsa recipe up this week.

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