Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playing Nice in Election Season

Maybe I've spent too much time in kindergarten this year. Or perhaps, not enough. In kindergarten, it's fascinating to watch children learn to respect one another, despite any lifelong (5 years is a long time!) beliefs they may have. Just this week, 'LilDude came home and told me that Elvis (yes, 'LilDude has an "Elvis" in his class) looked at 'LilDude's pink shirt and said, "Boys don't wear pink." 'LilDude didn't argue with him. But he did enjoy conversing with me about what our beliefs are...including the fact that even Daddy wears pink. :)

Anyway, in the spirit of loving others and getting along, I want to post Jim Wallis's "Five Rules of Christian Civility." Even if it isn't helpful to you, it's something that I need to revisit during the next few months.

1. We Christians should be in the pocket of no political party, but should evaluate both candidates and parties by our biblically-based moral compass.

2. We don't vote on only one issue, but see biblical foundations for our concerns over many issues.

3. We advocate for a consistent ethic of life from womb to tomb, and one that challenges the selective moralities of both the left and the right.

4. We will respect the integrity of our Christian brothers and sisters in their sincere efforts to apply Christian commitments to the important decisions of this election, knowing that people of faith and conscience will be voting both ways in this election year.

5. We will not attack our fellow Christians as Democratic or Republican partisans, but rather will expect and respect the practice of putting our faith first in this election year, even if we reach different conclusions.'s to a quick conclusion to election season! May life return to normal ASAP. :)

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