Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Little Guitar Heaven...

Anakin, now 12, has been asking for guitar lessons since he was about 2. Being the wise and all-knowing parents that we are (lol), we decided that he needed to wait. We had several reasons, the BIGGEST being that he was not BIG enough. We have photos (not digital, or I'd post them) of him trying to play a full-size guitar. He'd lay it flat on the floor and strum it or he'd hold it in his lap and try to wrap his arm around the monstrous instrument. If it was a wrestling match, the guitar would have won.

When Anakin reached school age, we signed him up for violin lessons. Arms and fingers don't have to be quite so big for the violin, you know? He did well. After a couple years of violin, we added piano as we wanted him to add to his music repertoire. We continued to think the guitar was a little big and foreboding for his size.

Finally, at 10.5 years old, we let him start guitar. I only wish we'd let him begin sooner. The child lives to play guitar. From the moment he wakes up in the morning, during every homeschooling interval, and in his free time in the evening, it's guitar, guitar, guitar. He loves the instrument and was made to play it.

This weekend our family saw Misty River in concert. We bought a couple of CDs and already this morning Anakin was playing along with several tunes. It was enough to make a mom smile.

Here's a clip of Anakin in action. I like the Misty River song better, so maybe I'll get him to play that one for me (and you) later. ;)

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