Friday, September 19, 2008

Tough Times Tomato Soup

My mom is going to crack up when she sees I went to the effort to post this.

One of my favorite food memories from childhood is of macaroni/tomato soup. It consists of nothing more than:

cooked elbow macaroni
tomato juice
salt and sugar to taste

For the past several days, 'LilDude has requested it for lunch. He finally got his wish, as Daddy recently made a grocery stop for more tomato juice. 'LilDude--really all of my kids--think this tomato soup is delicious. The recipe probably came out of the depression... I believe that my grandma made it for her kids.

In the 21st century, we've occasionally embellished it with sprinkles of parmesan cheese or leftover popped popcorn. ('LilDude has been known to save some of his kindergarten popcorn snack so that he can put it on his soup!) But it's still the same basic recipe...

Cook about 3/4 c. of elbow macaroni per person. (At least that's how much my kids often eat. Yours might not eat that much. ;) When it's just barely undercooked, drain and add heated up tomato juice. (Add as much juice as you like.) Stir in salt/sugar to taste.

If you want a healthier version, use whole grain pasta. I make gluten free pasta when 'LilDude eats it.

I don't think I know of a more economical lunch that this.

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C and G said...

LOL we ate this when mom was gone and dad was cooking :) we loved it!

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