Thursday, September 17, 2009

Canning...Photo of My Pantry

Can I breathe now? :)

Canning is almost done. Still want to do grape juice. A little freezing. But the biggest jobs are complete. I captured a photo for the "lazy days" (ha!) of winter. I think filled jars on the shelf look pretty. It makes me feel happy just to stand there and gaze at them.

What's in there?

32 quarts cherries
21 pints, 5 quarts salsa (which will all get eaten, believe me...I've heard rumblings that I didn't make enough!)
30 pints tomato sauce
21 pints, 1 quart dill beans
15 quarts grape juice
39 quarts green beans
30 quarts peaches
10, half-pints peach chutney
19 quarts tomatoes

...and my freezers only have room left for the chickens due to be butchered next week.

Vacation, anyone??? :)


AmyP said...

Holy Guacamole, lady! That's a lot of canning. A lot of canning.

Here's some more work for you... =) I think you should make a quilt, inspired by this picture. Wouldn't it be beautiful?

richmomma said...

Hehe. I'm going on "vacation" now, remember? Let me know when the quilt is finished. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Gorgeous! Nice work!

Chinamama4 said...

I'm exhausted for you! :) Those shelves full of colorful jars are just so beautiful! And I was excited just to crank out a few pints of apple butter...

Anonymous said...

Where are the applesauce & pears--those are serious staples here!

richmomma said...

Thanks, all!

Apple butter is awesome. And a lot of work, so kudos!

Applesauce and pears...we don't have cheap (i.e. FREE) sources. Our apples failed miserably this year...I just picked FOUR to eat tonight with popcorn...and we don't have pears. What a bummer, considering the fact that they are both a PAIN to can!!!! ;) Until someone gives me a bunch, we'll have to buy applesauce and only eat pears in season.

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