Monday, September 14, 2009

Children and Height

I want to share this in the hopes that it will help someone else...

LilDude, age 7, is about 10% in height. This does not match what we know about his birthparents' height. Our doctor recommended that we do a bone age test. We just got the results back. Although at his age you cannot get an exact bone age (it's a range instead), we learned that his bone age is between 4 and 5 years. That means that he will likely grow for a significant time after his peers stop growing. (And, conversely, if his bone age had been, say, 8, he would have had much less time to continue growing.)

We chose to do this simple test (it's just a quick x-ray) in order to gather information. If we'd learned that his bone age was much older (8, 9, 10, etc), we would have needed to consider what the options were, depending on how different it was from his chronological age. But now that we know that he has substantial extra time to grow, it's reassuring...especially knowing that this now makes sense given his birthparents' height.

It's one of the clues that adoptive children don't have...had he lived with his birthparents they could have said, "Oh, yeah, Daddy didn't grow to his current height until he was 18 or 19," but since we don't have that voice, it's reassuring to have this one.

Hope that's helpful to someone.

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