Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wonder What He's Thinking???

My son likes to smell me. That's right. SMELL me.

GG has been home from China for about 3 months. I've noticed for some time that he will occasionally take a whiff of me, but lately it's gotten more intense. This morning, as we sat on the couch reading LilDude's homeschool lesson, GG climbed all over me, smelling my face, neck, hair, armpits, shirt, shorts, legs... You get the point. It's like he's trying to familiarize himself with me through smell. Quite fascinating, really. Or maybe it's a hint that I should shower more often???

Learning English...
His English continues to explode. He speaks in sentences much of the time. "Daddy found it." (About his toy car.) "Daddy fixed it, right here." (Pointing to the pedal where Daddy fixed his trike.)

He constantly asks us to tell him what color things are. He carried some game pieces to me and correctly identified: "blue, yellow, red, green!"

He often asks which shoe goes on which foot. I say, "This one goes on this foot." And he replies with, "And this one right here." (9/5/09)

And Grieving...
I sing a song to the boys about "Mommy Comes Back" in order to reassure them if I need to be gone. The other day, out of the blue, GG started singing this:

"Nai Nai (foster mom) comes back
Nai Nai comes back to get me..." (9/6/09)

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