Saturday, September 5, 2009


Yesterday's weather = sunny and beautiful.

Today's weather = pouring rain.

So today I harvested tomatoes. It was actually kinda fun to work in the rain for a change. Picked about 45 pounds of Romas off our SIX plants. Good yield, and they aren't finished yet.

I made this salsa recipe and will finish up on Monday with this tomato sauce recipe...both family favorites. Empty jars are disappearing. Pantry shelves are filling. It must be FALL! :)

Not sure how the grocery spending challenge is going. I spent $35.17 at the store this morning, but a chunk of the purchases were specifically for making salsa. Not sure how to count that. Hmmmmm. Also realized I have a whopper of a food bill to pay this month...our locally grown, pasture-raised chickens will be ready any day.

Maybe I'll just stick to the groceries I buy that we are actually planning to EAT this month???

Thanks to a friend from church we made a dent in this month's fresh fruit budget with the apples, pears, and plums she was giving away. The big kids are excited to pack them in lunches next week. School, here we come!


KMDuff said...

Beautiful tomatoes!

Carrie said...

Yes, BEAUTIFUL...what a blessing...I am going to check out that cookbook...thanks for mentioning it!

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