Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grocery Spending Challenge

Anyone want to join me in Owlhaven's "Grocery Spending Challenge?" She has 10 kids (although I don't know if they're all still eating at home) and plans to budget $300 on groceries for the month of September.

When I was tracking our food budget, we averaged between $250-$385/month, feeding six people. This didn't include the meat we purchase annually (chicken, beef, pork) or eating out.

I'm going to try for $200/month of September, or $50/week for our family. We'll be weaning off the garden this month, but we have a LOT in the freezers/cupboards; hopefully, this will help me to look there first! ;)

Starting next week--with back-to-school--I want to post a weekly menu. Then you can see if I'm honest. :)


Owlhaven said...

So glad you're doing this too!!!!


Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

Good Luck in the challenge! It's gonna be tough but here's hoping all of us challengers can do it!

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