Monday, October 12, 2009

Meal Plan...and Fall is Here

The garden is done! We picked the last of the tomatoes yesterday, finding a few more red and harvesting the nicest green ones to slowly ripen in newspaper. I tried this with a few stragglers last year and can't say it was very successful; we'll see if the outcome is worth the bother this year.

Canning is done. The only freezing left to do is one tray of jalapenos. I have very few outside jobs coming up. It was amazing how much pleasure I had today in just reading with the kids and doing the laundry. Rain is supposed to start tomorrow and last for a week. I guess it's really time to sit back and breathe.

I'm still cooking by the season. The last head of cabbage will go into one last cabbage salad. If I can still scrounge up some lettuce, we'll have another taco salad. I'm looking for recipes to use potatoes, winter squash, tomatoes and peppers. But after that, it'll be mostly freezer/pantry cooking. I'm ready. :)

This week's eatin'...

Lunch: Stirfry with last of garden veggies, rice
Dinner: split pea/ham soup, Asian Chicken Salad

Dinner: Stuffed Green Peppers, Baked Acorn Squash w/cranberry apple filling

Dinner: spaghetti

Dinner: taco salad...last of the year!
Evening snack: Gluten Free Butternut Squash Muffins

Dinner: Easy Chicken/Veggie Stir Fry

Saturday: leftovers


Sue said...

I make a simplified version of these potatoes (we call them squashed potatoes). My recipe is boil the potatoes, put olive oil on the pan, squish the potatoes, drizzle more oil, add salt, bake.

They take time but my kids love them.

richmomma said...

Thanks so much for that recipe!!! I'm trying it this week! It looks awesome.

richmomma said...

Do you think regular potatoes (Russet) would work? I don't have red.

Sue said...

I've done this with any kind of potato that I have in the house. Smaller potatoes (any colour) are easier to squish so you might want to select slightly smaller potatoes. That said, if you have a strong arm and can squish a larger (cooked) potato, use them. We really like the taste of the olive oil and salt on new potatoes of any description. Good luck!

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