Thursday, October 22, 2009

Processed Food is Less Expensive?!?

This article really bothers me. Why do so many people believe that it's cheaper to eat processed foods? It isn't. How can we help more people to understand?

Incidentally, I'm no food saint. I've evolved. From the days dating my future husband, when I thought it was amazing that he could put together a meal of hamburger helper and canned green beans. Then to our early marriage when I cooked cream-of-soup casseroles and thought I was cooking from scratch. To these days when the bulk of what we eat is either grown in our own garden or in our local community.

We've changed.

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Jennifer said...

Oh a complicated evolution!!! Come on. It's a whole LOT MORE WORK. That is expensive in value other than dollar signs. Education education education. But what pushes a person to change? What were markers on your road to change?

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