Monday, October 19, 2009

Start with the WORST! Organize Counter/Toys (NYNS #3)

I decided to start with one of the worst-offending junk-heaps in my home...the counter. I don't know if every home has one of these, but it's the place where everyone deposits either:

1. stuff that they're taking with them the next day: wallets, purses, sunglasses, coupons, store items to return, etc.

2. things that need to be repaired

3. misc stuff that needs to be put away

In our case, the counter has cabinets beneath that held little-used china. I moved the china and replaced it with dedicated bins. I hope to retrain the fam. "Hope" being the key word. (I've emptied this surface repeatedly, only to have someone cover it with junk again. Hopefully, the new storage area RIGHT BENEATH will eliminate the problem.)

I also went on to tackle the toy bins. (Remember...worst first...cause it makes you feel good, is obvious, and shows quick progress!) Bins are awesome...but only when they store things the kids actually use; I eliminated close to half. (You're seeing the before the "after" picture, several bins are empty.) If your kids are like mine, they spend about 90% of their time playing with about 20% of their toys. If it's out and hasn't been utilized recently, it's GONE.


AmyP said...

In retraining the fam about the counter I would confiscate anything that is left out. There would be a fee to get it back (chore, cash, whatever as long as it hurts). If it's not missed in a certain period of time it's gone.

Can you tell I'm a joy to live with? =)

And, great work so far this week, by the way!

Alyson & Ford said...

Good idea Amy! I may try the fee too. Our counter is the worst plus it is the first thing you see coming through the front door!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for One Year

Lisa said...

Here's an interesting phenomenon: I, too, collect the "stuff" my kids leave out and charge them (with chores) to earn it back. Not long ago, I was tired of the large pile on the dining room table, so I shoved it all to one side and drug my 3 munchkins in to look it over. I told them to each make a pile, on the clean end of the table, of the things they'd like to earn back. Amazingly, a fair chuck of the "stuff" was left on the other side of the table for me to (gleefully) donate to the Goodwill. :-) Just goes to show that even kids know when they have too much "stuff!"

richmomma said...

So what does one do if it's dh who leaves stuff on the counter? Perhaps perpetually? Including the moment he arrived home today? And how does he pay the fee when it's his wallet I've confiscated off the counter? ;) LOL.

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