Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 15, Gifts from Other Gardens (93...Free!)

When I first started canning/freezing, I quickly noticed something... When folks found out that I was taking the time to put away food, they were quick to offer items from their gardens and orchards. Sometimes it was overflow...they were done with their own food preservation and had more than they needed. Other times it was extra that they didn't have time or energy for. Over the years I've received apples, pears, cabbage, lettuce, and plums. When our garden got bigger, I began to do the same, giving away extra green beans by the bagful. Today my husband took several cabbages and a bag of peppers to work and came home empty-handed.

Last week I mentioned in passing that our basil hadn't done well this year and that, as a result, our pesto supply would suffer. On Sunday morning, a friend showed up at church with a large grocery bag of basil. Lizzi picked the leaves off while she vegged in front of the t.v. on Sunday afternoon. I made pesto, freezing it in blobs on a cookie sheet, then putting the chunks in a zippered bag. Last winter I had an abundance of pesto and learned that it's not just good for pasta; added to soups and casseroles it flavors the dish with an indescribable taste of summer.

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