Monday, October 27, 2008

Preparing to be a BIG Brother

Since I know several adoptive families read my blog, I thought some of you might enjoy hearing about what we're doing to prepare 'LilDude for his new role as big brother.

We purposely waited a long time to add to our family. 'LilDude needed time to be the youngest and to soak up all the Mommy time he possibly could. Years ago, our adoption therapist said that she thought that he might be ready by age six or so. Turns out (at least so theory :), that she was right.

'LilDude continues to be thrilled by the idea of a little brother. One thing that I mentioned to him seems to have stuck. In passing, I remarked on the fact that littlebrother will probably think that our family looks strange...all of us, that is, except 'LilDude. I noted that 'LilDude looks like the people that littlebrother is used to being around but that the rest of us might look a little scary to him. 'LilDude caught on to this idea right away...

"He'll be used to black hair like mine?"

"That's right." 'LilDude grins.

Since I brought it up, 'LilDude has mentioned it several times on his own.

Tonight we prepared a mini photo album for 'LilDude to take to school tomorrow. He gets to lead in sharing time on Tuesdays and this is "P" week, so he is taking PICTURES of his brother to share with his class. He carried them to bed so he could look at them again while I read a story aloud.

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