Monday, October 6, 2008

Your-Way Wraps

Tonight's menu...FAST food, "Your-Way Wraps." Each person made his/her own wrap, selecting from the following:

tortillas (corn and whole wheat)
black beans
chopped tomatoes
chopped red peppers
grated cheese
steamed broccoli (slightly steamed in small chunks)
Ranch dressing
green beans (to eat on the side)
sliced tomatoes (to eat on the side)

My only guidelines? "Eat some veggies!"

And my poor husband. He put his wrap together only to have it snatched from under his I could take a picture. "I want to eat it while it's hot!"

Me, focusing, "It'll only take a sec!"

I took a couple photos. Handed him back his wrap. He says, "Let me see."

"My pictures? I thought you wanted to eat while it's hot."

He looks through my digital photos. "It'll look better if you take it at a more upright angle." He hands his plate back.

He did eventually eat. :) It might not have been quite as hot, but I did get a better photo. Thanks, honey! ;)

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