Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 4, Work Clothes (93...Free!)

I walked into a store today. Always dangerous territory. ;) Clothes were 60% off the last marked price. I bought two shirts. (paid $7.99, regular $24, and $9.19, regular $28) Lizzi also bought one for herself with a gift card she's been saving. While the discount was significant, it was still money out of our pockets.

The fact that I felt the need to buy the shirts leads me to an interesting much does it cost YOU to WORK? For the last 13+ years, I've been a stay-at-home-mom, occasionally doing editing/curriculum work at home...generally sitting at the computer, sometimes in my jammies. But recently, I've taken more jobs in which I have to leave the house. People actually SEE me. I often present in front of groups where I'm expected to look professional. A year ago I realized that my wardrobe--mostly jeans and sweatshirts--wasn't going to cut it. A friend took me shopping and helped me pick out a couple outfits. I hoped that this would be enough. Usually it is. But when I have a lot of consecutive days in one place, I'm forced to consider more than 2-3 ensembles. ;)

Luckily, my contract work covers transportation, meals, and most other needed materials. If it didn't, I'd have to reevaluate the money in, money out ratio. I recommend reading Shattering the Two-Income Myth by Andy Dappen to help you consider how much a second job actually "costs" your family.

Today I was also grateful for health insurance. Yesterday, Lizzi ran into the garage, the concrete surface wet from rain. Her flipflops flopped her into the air and down onto her tailbone/back. She was in tears and unable to catch her breath for a long time afterward. Today, we called our regular chiropractor and learned that his new insurance agreements no longer include our company. It would have cost $150 or so. He referred us to another chiro in town that was covered...thankfully, only a $20 co-pay. But we'll pay another $20 on Monday for a recheck to make sure all is still in alignment. I'm grateful, but realize that without insurance (as it is for so many others), the expense could be overwhelming.

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