Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 3, Music Lessons (93...Free!)

Here's one expense that I don't consider an "extra." Things would have to get really tight around here for us to cut out music lessons. We currently have one child in guitar, two children in piano, and one child in community orchestra. Today we pay the monthly guitar bill. I am so, so pleased with Anakin's continuing love for the guitar. Without question, his instructor feeds that interest. The only way we're currently "saving" on music lessons is that Lizzi gives violin lessons to 'LilDude. Sibling bonding, ya know? ;) In the past we have used instructors that were young and less musically educated and therefore, cheaper. Currently, the kids are at a high enough level of music instruction so as to eliminate that as an option. That's okay. We'll skip going out to eat and take music lessons instead. ;)

P.S. on Day 2...picture day results...
I didn't buy any photos for Lizzi. She'll get a yearbook and I'll do my annual backyard photo shoot with all the kids. (Last year, I took digital photos and made extra copies at 17 cents each to hand out to family. They turned out studio-quality, IMO.)

I bought a class picture for 'LilDude for $8. For $1.50 more I could buy 6 photos of him. I paid the $1.50. [Roll eyes.]

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