Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 9, Movies, Sick Days, & Borrowing (93...Free!)

Although he is slowly getting better, 'LilDude is still sick. He's been home from school two days and won't return tomorrow since he still has a low grade fever.

At our house, kids don't watch much t.v. But when they're sick, that guideline goes out the window. I'm happy for anything that will distract them.

We don't have cable. Our t.v. is upstairs in our family room and since 'LilDude wants to be close to the action (downstairs) when he's sick, that also eliminates regular t.v. So it's movie time.

I don't like to own many movies. They take up space. And, although they don't cost a tremendous amount individually, they can add up. I have picked up a few inexpensively from used library sales, garage sales, etc... We've received a few as gifts. And we've bought a few favorites. (The Waltons for me!) But when kids are sick we quickly run through the gamut of our video library.

That's when it's so nice to:

1. Borrow from the library...although that takes a drive into town, potentially carting along a sick kid.

2. Borrow from a friend! I can't tell you how many times I've been grateful to be able to trade movies with my neighbor. She owns some. We own some. When kids are sick, it's awesome to be able to swap. Lizzi was sick a few weeks ago. She put in a call to our neighbor and I was met at the bus stop by kids carrying armloads of movies.

I like that... Save a little money. And make better use of what you own by loaning it out. What can you loan a friend?

Just to get you thinking...

I borrow a huge stainless steel pot once or twice a year to make large batches of spaghetti and tomato sauces. A friend borrows my big enamel juicer (stovetop) so that she can make grape juice once a year. It's awesome to not have to own/store every large appliance/tool.

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