Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 8, Medicine Cabinet MELTDOWN!!!! (93...Free!)

I am very grateful that some of the wisest people in the world read Rich Moments. I need your help.

'LilDude stayed home sick today. High fever. I generally follow my pediatrician's guidelines and let fevers do their thing...but when it went over 104, I decided enough was enough...and headed to the medicine cabinet, where it looked like a tornado (or a family of six) had plowed through.

Our children's fever medicine was past its expiration date. It wasn't terribly old, so I went ahead and gave it to him; thankfully, it worked.

After 'LilDude was situated, I emptied the cupboard, determined to only put back things that were up-to-date. I did. My medicine cabinet is now basically EMPTY. I said goodbye to sinus tablets, allergy pills, antacids, aspirin, nasal sprays, anti-diarrheal meds, Tylenol, pink tummy liquid, children's cold medicine, samples of geltabs and PM cold medicine and caplets.

I hate the waste! I hate to waste money. I hate the inconvenience...of buying once and now having to buy again...and maybe not having what I want in the middle of the night when someone is sick. I hate the fact that our water is being polluted with disposed meds.

Do YOU keep medicine past expiration dates? How long? What is okay to keep and what should be thrown away?

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