Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 19, Saving Green Tomatoes (93...Free!)

Well, I thoroughly messed up on this one. Last weekend, we tilled our garden and dozens of green tomatoes got munched. It's starting to freeze here at night and the plants were looking rather sad. I know about green tomato relish, fried green tomatoes, etc., but I didn't really want to mess with it in the midst of all the other wrap-up canning I needed to do.

This morning I read Owlhaven and learned that you can store green tomatoes for a long time, wrapped individually in newspaper. She says she hopes to use them 'til Christmas. I wish I'd have done that!!!!


Jennifer said...

Okay that's cool. We're picking out of raised beds so still good over here, but I was just noticing the green tomatoes yesterday and not feeling like another batch of green tomato butter. (I put the canner AWAY!) But I'm going to try this!!! Thanks!

richmomma said...

So what do you do with green tomato butter? One of my hesitations in making things like green tomato relish is I have no idea what I'd do with it if I made it. ;)

blackbelt_oma said...

Thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving an interesting and thoug-provoking comment.

God bless you.

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